Connor & Gaskins Unlimited

On May 1, 2011, Barry Connor (CEO) and Craig Gaskins (COO) established Connor & Gaskins Unlimited (CGU) with the goal to achieve their vision of building a construction company that was different from any other. It would be built around the clients’ needs with individualized service and innovative solutions.

CGU specializes in general contracting, developing, and construction management. From starting the company with small-scale work to now being a premier hotel and condo builder from California to the Florida Keys, CGU is proud to make its impact in the construction industry with every ground-up and renovation project they complete. Currently CGU’s projects are located in 47 different states and include new construction of luxury hotels and condominiums, first-class restaurants, mixed-use buildings, and numerous renovations.

The company’s commitment to service has helped Connor and Gaskins create strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, developers and their own employees.

Additionally, CGU has a residential division focusing on luxury, new home construction as well as home and condo remodeling projects from Port Royal to Bonita Bay in Southwest Florida.